I experience a lot of companies choosing a sales methodology that suits their business proposition, one that seems to be very pertinent to the new selling environment is “Challenger Sales”. Below are some of the key obstacles that this methodology attempts to address that I have been helping my clients with:
Marketing – If only 3% of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) convert to Sales what should marketing be doing differently?
Lead Generation – how do you train your lead generators to find “mobilisers” to “sell to”? What are commercial insights and how do they relate to USPs?
Business Development – If customers only contact your Sales Rep 57% of their way through their buying process how are you going to influence them earlier to avoid the problem that you are of “1 of 3”?
Account Management – How do you build Client consensus to choose your company when there are typically 5.4 buyers with divergent mental models?
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I have been successfully working with SMB Owner Managers over the last 16 years on sales growth issues by providing a combination of sales consultancy, Part-time and Interim Sales Director services.

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Next month I’ll be sharing my experience of implementing and using different CRM systems. It’s not going to be comfortable reading…

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